Indian Summer – part 4 – 2nd half

Indian Summer
Part 4 (second half)

The time has arrived and we are at the train station (which as I have shown you is the most magnificent building you will perhaps ever see, and especially at night) and after a brief and very succinct “discussion” with a porter, we agreed on a price for the help in getting to the platform (with 3 big bags full of toys and clothes for the Orphanage it was no easy feat). The train was massive stretching at least one and a half times the length of one back home. With our names pasted to the side of the train we found our cubicle and settled in for the night and the long journey south. Managing to escape from the humidity and heat was a blessed relief; with the air con running we could relax and try to get off to sleep on our bunks.
At the first stop we were joined by another Father/Son duo from the British Virgin Islands off to a wedding in Goa. With them we talked until we had no choice but to sleep.
These conversations carried on in the morning, talking about all sorts as we watched the scenery flash past through the yellow tinted windows. Seeing clouds overhead my excitement grew that we might see some Monsoon; so I made my way to the doors to see if they had clear windows to see properly. Turns out the doors were open So I hung out of them with my Go Pro (videos to follow) taking videos of the vistas all around me. Yes it rained a little (feeling hopeful!).
After 13 hours travelling on a not so uncomfortable train with great company we arrived in Goa and to our complete surprise it was………..
I am beginning to feel like Monsoon is a myth, the sky is clear the birds are singing and the wind is non-existent; on the plus side the pool is lovely (more like a huge bath but still nice).
Well off to the beach then or maybe in to town for a bite to eat, maybe tomorrow it’ll rain.