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I’ve finished my quilt top at long last! Now what do I do?

Use wadding and backing to make a sandwich and then quilt.

How do you deal with finishing and binding EPP (English Paper Piecing) quilts that don’t have a standard seam allowance as machine quilts do?

You can put a border on with appliqué around the edge OR turn the backing over the wadding but under the quilt top and blind stitch.

What is EPP?

English Paper Piecing I.E hexagons and the like as distinct from foundation paper piecing. Foundation piecing is where you have your block printed or drawn on paper and stitch your fabric onto it.

How do I stop my machine quilting from straying from the straight and narrow and ruining the neat effect of all my careful hand stitched patchwork?

Hand stitched seams do not always stay straight, so unless you have tacked down really firmly it is always more difficult to top stitch straight. This is because the fabric has more movement in it. Sometimes it’s better to do an all over pattern instead of trying to do straight lines. STRAIGHT LINES ARE THE HARDEST THING TO DO.

What do the different machine needle sizes mean?

Different types of fabrics and weights of fabric rely on certain needle sizes. If you need advice on what needle is best for the fabric you’re using please feel free to contact me.

How can I work out how much material I might need for different sizes of quilt?

Measure quilt size as if it were a whole cloth quilt and then add on third to one half. This is only an estimate but it is how I get an idea of the amount. It does depend on how small your pieces of design are.

What’s the best way of sandwiching a quilt together?

Because I quilt on our sit down quilting machine called a Krafty, I use a special tag gun. If you are hand quilting or using a domestic sewing machine you need to tack the quilt within an inch of its life to stop the layers moving.

How do I do mitred corners with the binding?

The binding has to be put on the back first and brought over to the front. OR you make the backing bigger and bring that over to the front.

How do I start doing free motion stuff on a basic sewing machine? – an absolute beginners guide.

I would always teach my students to start off using an embroidery hoop. Lower the feed dogs and put the stitch length and width on 0. Get two fat quarters and wadding, make sure the fabric is flat on the machine using an extension table. If your machine does not have the ability to lower the feed dogs, you cannot free motion quilt. You need to use a quilting or darning foot. By using a hoop you do not need to tack and you will not get any rucks or wrinkles.

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