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Stepping Stones Margao

Stepping Stones Margao As many of you know, I recently was privileged enough to be able to visit the Stepping Stones Charity in Margao; where I was able to visit and spend a little time with the organisers there and see the children in their school. While there I learned a little of what they […]

Indian Summer – Part 7

Indian Summer Part 7 Or “there and back again” We arrived back in the UK on Friday morning after deciding to come home two days early. Mumbai is an amazing city with immense amounts of history and culture; however what it does lack is things to do that are not business related. MUMBAI My time […]

Indian Summer – Part 6

Indian Summer – Part 5

Indian Summer – part 4 – 2nd half

Indian Summer Part 4 (second half) The time has arrived and we are at the train station (which as I have shown you is the most magnificent building you will perhaps ever see, and especially at night) and after a brief and very succinct “discussion” with a porter, we agreed on a price for the […]

Indian Summer – part 4 – (1st half)

Indian Summer Part 4 (a) So much has happened in the last 2 days that I think it may be best to split this part of the blog into two parts. After some really hard work in the sweltering heat we managed to get through most of our to do list for the first visit […]

Indian Summer – Part 3

Indian Summer – Part 2

Indian Summer Part 2   Having arrived safely in Dehli I experienced my first insight into India. The first thing I noticed was how hot it is, Obviously I hear you say, and I agree except it was half 11 PM and 37 degrees C. All the colours and spices you can imagine were on […]

Indian Summer – Part 1

Indian Summer Part 1   As many of you know, we here at Sew on and Sew forth like to specialise in Indian Fabric; what some of you don’t know is that we (and by we I mean my Parents Angela and John) Go out to Mumbai, Goa and most recently Jaipur to source and […]

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