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A Thank you gift to Angela from the Wednesday quilting class

29 Oct 2020

Angela’s gift from the Wednesday sewing class has been an absolute hit within the shop and has had a lot of praise already. The ladies decided to make something for Angela that she would love and wrote a poem to go alongside it.

If you would like to see the video please have a look on our facebook page but please excuse the camera angles as you may get a crick in the neck! The ladies have spent a very long time making this for Angela and they should definitely be very proud of the hard work and dedication they’ve put into it. See the poem below:

“Seven little quilters, sitting down to sew
Decided to make this gift and all to have a go.
After going to th quilt show, an idea was hatched
To make you a gift for your new retail patch.
Clandestine meetings we did hold,
Chris and John gagged to secrecy so nothing was told.
We cut, we appliquéd, embroidered and quilted
We all kept at it, we almost wilted.
So here’s our gift made with thought and care
We hope you like and display it for all to share

Angela is delighted with her gift.
“To the seven little quilters
I cannot thank my Wednesday sewing class enough for my wonderful present!
I can’t stop looking at it. It has only been hanging a few days and so many people already have stopped to talk about it.
It is fantastic!
Thank you SEW much!!