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An interview with Angela

29 Oct 2020

Angela has been in the quilting and sewing business for over 40 years. She worked with Singer and supplied RAF Lakenheath with their badges and emblems during the first gulf war. It is pretty safe to say that she’s an expert in her field and also teaches quilting lessons alongside all her hard work in the shop. Angela is a very respectable woman and a role model for all who wish to develop their skills in the textiles world.

This morning we interviewed Angela on her latest work for customers…

What are you currently working on?

“I am currently working on four memory quilts. The one I’m making at the moment is made from shirts. I then have four to five other tops to quilt.”

How long does a memory quilt take to complete?

“If I could work on one throughout the day with no other work to do, I’d say it would take about one week to complete”

What’s the most difficult part in the process when making one?

“The designing and cutting is the most difficult”

What fabric is best for making something like this?

“Cotton is by far the easiest. I personally wouldn’t use fleece or jersey as it stretches. When I put the clothing onto the memory quilt, I do this with applique and that’s how I get around that problem”

Is there any advice for people who would want to make their own memory quilt?

“I use a cover stitch machine when I make my memory quilts. I use a Texi Treccia”

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