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Indian Summer – Part 2

29 Oct 2020

Having arrived safely in Dehli I experienced my first insight into India. The first thing I noticed was how hot it is, Obviously I hear you say, and I agree except it was half 11 PM and 37 degrees C. All the colours and spices you can imagine were on sale in the duty free but what got me most was the Dehli Daredevils sports bar in the terminal, sadly we were too tired to partake and went to have a nap waiting for our connection.

7 hours later and we were landing in Mumbai. Let me tell you that the airport is beautiful. A mixture of old architecture perfectly blended with new. Upon leaving I was surprised that the roads were empty, none of the madness I had always associated with Mumbai (apparently that comes later) and we reached our hotel taking in the sites without incident and even managed to check in earlier.

When we woke up from a much needed nap that is when the madness begins. Every sense is assaulted as you walk around, a whole plethora of smells combine to create some of the best food smells you can imagine (tastes extremely good too). The noise is incredible, with the main form of communication on the road being car horns and everyone talking at once it can be quite disorientating but fun at the same time. Everyone is extremely friendly and helpful offering you the most amazing tea when doing business. Which brings me on to the fabric. It is out of this world, the colours astound you, from what people are wearing to what you are being persuaded to buy, everywhere you turn there are silks and cottons; saris hanging from every space, so much choice you would not believe. We have already found some new ranges to bring back for you all that I think you will agree are amazing.

I personally have met some lovely people that mum and dad  have been dealing with for a few years now and have really enjoyed the experience so far with lots more to do.