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Indian Summer – Part 3

29 Oct 2020

Another day (well 2 actually). Another adventure (or 300).

We started off Thursday again expecting some monsoon weather, again we have been disappointed, instead we were greeted by clear skies and searing heat at 9am; this only got more and more relentless as the day wore on. With the temperature soaring so too the humidity as it reached 38 Degrees Celsius yet again with 80% humidity.

Rashid (our Concierge) ordered us an Uber, fully air conditioned and a little more luxurious than the standard taxis, much cheaper also and we enjoyed the views up to Goreogan to visit Ravi and get some more of our Sari fibres and ribbons. Whilst there I got to see all the wonderful things that they make, the cotton papers and books all expertly crafted which would be ideal for weddings and special occasions alike (we are bringing a few samples back with us). We saw the amazing colours they can achieve with all the sari silks and learned a little of how it is done.

Coming back from there was a little more interesting with our Uber getting lost on the way back, which worked out quite well for us as we got to see a few more of the sites. You would not believe the amount of fresh fruit and veg you can buy off the side of any road, including the motorways. Just pull over and get it. Pay no heed to the thousands of pedestrians and vehicles going past in every direction.

Today (Friday). Finally some rain. I awoke at 6:30 am to a puddle outside, apparently it rained overnight for 5 minutes. Weather update its hotter but decidedly less humid. We decided to have a bit of a rest day before we strike out to see our friends in the market to finalise a few things; So off to Chowpatty Beach. A nice 4 mile stroll later and perhaps a stone lost in fluids and we made it, I can honestly say I have never felt a heat like it; it is absolutely relentless but absolutely amazing at the same time. Everywhere you go you are greeted with smiles and friendliness. Dad and I shared a Masala Dosa (only because we were there) and we both agreed it is lovely and the best way to eat in Mumbai is at the street vendors. I have to add this is coming from a person (my dad) that has never eaten curry or anything like it.

Well off to Mangaldas Market to see Tej and Darshan for some more beautiful fabric.