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Indian Summer – part 4 – (1st half)

29 Oct 2020

Indian Summer
Part 4 (a)

So much has happened in the last 2 days that I think it may be best to split this part of the blog into two parts.
After some really hard work in the sweltering heat we managed to get through most of our to do list for the first visit to Mumbai, so we decided to take a day off and see the sights after a short walk. Hiring a local tour guide he drove us around (thankfully in an air-conditioned car) Mumbai’ to show us the popular places to visit. We visited the “Gateway of India” again; a hugely impressive structure erected to celebrate King George V and Queen Mary arriving in 1911. Escaping the heat yet again to the sanctuary of the car, we drove on to visit the Dhobi Ghat; essentially a huge launderette employing some 2000 men labouring away in the sun. Mostly washed all by hand in huge stone basins, they then dry the sheets on roofs using every available space.
Again moving on not too far we got to see the Fishermans village and the dock lands on our way to visit the hanging gardens. Mumbai is a city for trade and business and makes no bones about it, but this area of the hanging gardens is a nice small space in which to unwind out onto the peninsula and heading into the more affluent community. Just down the road from there we got to see the most magnificent temple dedicated to Jainism (I wasn’t sure if I could take photos inside the temple and not wanting to disrespect I only took a few outside) The work and love that was put into its creation is astounding.
From there we took a bit of a longer drive to what is perhaps my favourite place we saw. Ghandi’s home. An absolutely beautiful place with every room a museum dedicated to his life and teachings. Memorialising his life’s work whilst also spreading his love of life.
Unable to rest from work for the whole day we re-visited Mangaldas Market (I am sure not for the last time) to arrange our new shop bags; which, I must say, we are very pleased with. Then back to the hotel for a 3 hour wait for the train to GOA!!!!!! And the much vaunted Monsoon………..