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Indian Summer – Part 5

29 Oct 2020

Well what a day, and where to start.
Ok, So we woke up to MONSOON!!!!!! Well partial monsoon anyway (there wasn’t any wind), but the rain was lashing it down in great big dollops of warm water; up on the roads there were rivers where only yesterday it was as dry as the desert. Our friend George picked us up after a brilliant breakfast and we went for a drive around Goa and up into the mountains, from where we got a spectacular view as the rain hammered down all around and ran in streams down the road. George later assured us that this was extremely mild and that in July and August there are times it is so heavy you can’t leave the house.
From there we headed to visit an old Portuguese house with mountains of cultural and Goan specific heritage. Learning about the History of Goa and how it was shaped.
We then headed into Margao and said bye to George for the day (or so we thought). The first thing we did in Margao is something that is very close to my heart, and also something that I take great pride in; to be lucky enough to help support, in what little way we can here at Sew On and Sew Forth, Stepping Stones Day Centre. I do not want to dwell too much on it in this blog but with their help soon I will be able to post a little something to help raise awareness; suffice it to say it is the most selfless and heart warming place I have ever been lucky enough to see. We dropped off our 3 suitcases worth of toys and goodies for all the children and I got to learn a little about the amazing work they do not just for the street kids but for the disaffected in the community too. If you wish to learn more I will be doing a separate article on this as there is just too much here to convey in what is supposed to be a short synopsis of my days.
In Margao again we wandered the markets and visited old friends and suppliers alike searching for the best deals; it was by a complete accident that we have managed to secure some of our old favourites when we were not expecting to at all. Finding a new supplier in the process and searching top to bottom through their two storey, cramped and very hot warehouse, even though we had to ride pillion on a scooter to get there that was great fun in Indian traffic ( yes Amy I wore a helmet .
When we were done we returned to the hotel and decided to go for a walk to the beach where we watched the sunset over the ocean whilst drinking good beer and eating some of the tastiest prawn I have ever had. Our amble back to the hotel in the dark (very dark) was uneventful until out of the night a little voice calls out to us for a taxi to which we both said “no” rather emphatically, of course it was George checking up on us and making sure he could come pick us up in the morning.
It has been a great day, I sit here in the hotel contemplating the trip so far and how much I have seen and done, whilst listening to all the nature around. FANTASTIC!!!!