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Indian Summer – Part 6

29 Oct 2020

Back to Mumbai.

Leaving Goa was harder than I thought it would be, Lovely Beaches, Lovely weather and amazing people. The staff at the Carina Beach Hotel were absolutely fabulous, looking after us like family.

After sitting at the pool and the both of us getting suitably burnt to a crisp, we proceeded to head into Margao and finish the last of the business we had in Goa. Trawling the market I found the Goan Sausage I had been aching to find and all the other personal bits I wanted to get, and then we found (after nearly 6 days of searching both Goa and Mumbai) the saris we had on special order for a wedding, ordered just days before we left. Cleaning out two street traders of all their stock and one shop we headed back to the tailor we stopped in at on our first day to pick up the waistcoats for another special order we had (again just days before we left).

Relaxing in Longuines in Margao sipping on Limka and eating Samosas we watched the world go by before returning to the hotel in preparation For George to take us for tea.

Before going to his though we had visited old Goa and seen perhaps the most spectacular Roman Catholic Churches, three all together towering over the local landscape; with immense cultural and religious significance you couldn’t help but marvel at the skill and ingenuity that went into building them. The architecture and decorations are  magnificent in any country, but to do it here in the heat, rain and humidity is astonishing.

Our last journey in Goa consisted of visiting Janets Dream (Janet being George’s sister), Her house built for her and you can certainly see why it is her dream. Then on to Georges home to meet his family. I can honestly say I have never met such welcoming and nice people, the whole family made me feel at home; we all chatted until our dinner was ready. Pomfret, Butter chicken, prawns and rice (and some Goan sausage as I can’t bring it home) was so nice I was upset I couldn’t eat more than I did. And sadly it was time to leave (in typical George fashion running late).

We made the train (as it was running late) and said our final goodbyes to George and boarded our cabin, this time a 6 berth instead of a 4 and got our heads down for some much needed rest.

I had forgotten just how manic Mumbai is but was given a rude awakening as soon as we got to the taxi rank, with our cab hitting at least two different taxis just to get out of his parking space, but that’s Mumbai.