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Stepping Stones Margao

29 Oct 2020

As many of you know, I recently was privileged enough to be able to visit the Stepping Stones Charity in Margao; where I was able to visit and spend a little time with the organisers there and see the children in their school. While there I learned a little of what they do at this wonderful and worthwhile place. The work these amazing people do is nothing short of marvellous.
The day starts with the children (from babies up to 16) arriving at the center in their street clothes, dirty and wearing whatever they are able to find in a lot of the cases (don’t forget these children are homeless living quite literally on the street) with no money for anything including food and clothing. Upon arrival the children are given baths and their clothing is laundered and fixed by the staff throughout the day. Next the children are put into a school uniform (all provided by the charity) while their clothes are washed and repaired and they go about their day in lessons, play and meal times, all the while the staff are busy assisting, teaching and ultimately helping all these children. Every day they do al of this for around 120 children, all day, everyday.
Visiting Stepping Stones had a profound effect on me in that I got to witness first hand what real poverty is. This being said, everyone there, from the children to the support workers spends their day with a smile on their faces and with nothing but welcoming and very open hearts. We trudged in with our suitcases full of toys, blankets and clothing that are kindly donated by friends and family every time we go over. The gratitude for these small gifts (ones that are no good to us anymore) is palpable and even something this small, you can see, means the world to them.
Being a part of helping such a worthwhile cause is something that brings me immense joy and a sincere appreciation for what these people do, day in, day out. With that in mind it also has to be very apparent that toys, clothes and blankets (while lovely and a beautiful, thoughtful gift) can never be enough to keep centers like this and others like it going. I can only imagine what it must cost to feed over 300 people everyday and launder clothes twice a day for over 100 children. With this in mind, I have taken the opportunity to set up a “go fund me” page where we can perhaps do a little to ease the difficulty they can and do face in delivering their task. We appreciate that there are some many demands on you time but also please remember even one pound will stretch a long way in India.
You can find our Go Fund Me page below. I would like to thank you in advance for you generosity from the bottom of my heart. And remember every penny you can give goes towards a child’s education and betterment.